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The value proposition of HR in 2019

There are around 6,000 professionals hired in the outsourcing sector in Romania in 2019.Adding to the already 125,000 people active in this industry, there is still an aching lack of professionals for different specializations.

2019-06-24 08:15:08

Companies would like to develop, court, and win new clients and implement more projects, but the limited resources of people might hold them back. What is there to do and what is the value proposition of one of the most vital departments in the industry, namely human resources (HR)?

Finding the right skilled professionals remains one of the most important aspects to be considered within the development of an organization. "Retaining them and protecting the company and projects against the fluctuation of personnel has proven a durable challenge. Organizational training programs are becoming more popular as they allow for a quicker way to learn new skills and improve current capabilities," says Ioana Boboc, HR Manager of TELUS International Romania.

More important than the ‘what' we are all doing, is ‘how' and ‘why' it is being done, in the opinion of TELUS' Ioana Boboc. "At TELUS International, our value proposition sums it up well: We empower the human experience through digital enablement, agile and lean thinking, spirited teamwork, and a caring culture that puts customers and the value of human connection first. These aren't just words on a boardroom wall, we strive to instil it in every decision we make and every action we take, reverberating throughout the company," Boboc says and adds that companies can no longer subscribe to a ‘'one size fits all'' mindset when it comes to what matters most to their people. In the digital age, companies must leverage data and insights to help drive where investments are made throughout the company in order to achieve the greatest positive impact.

According to TELUS' Boboc, given that staff attrition costs companies dearly in terms of hiring, training and retraining, not to mention the obvious impact it has on proficiency, businesses should be doing everything in their power to recruit and retain great employees. And, when you're a customer service provider like TELUS, there is another, perhaps less obvious cost at play: less engaged or disengaged workers might damage the reputation of the brand they were hired to serve. "If you hire people who share your values and you treat them well, providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth and you invest in the communities where we all live, work, and raise our families, your employees will reciprocate by rewarding you with loyalty and engagement, staying with your company over the long-term. Nowadays we're connected in ways we never were before and TELUS International is committed to leveraging and developing these technologies to better support our team members so they can deliver against these heightened expectations. So, we are going to be focused on talent acquisition related to digitalization, we need people to sustain the upcoming digitalization tools," Ioana Boboc explains.

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